Aroma Essential Massage offers a wide range specialist therapeutic massage using only the highest quality 100% natural products for the most relaxing and beneficial experience.

Aroma invites you to discover a world of aromas and sensations through all the senses. The natural vegetable and essential oils work in synergy with the massage to create a perfect combination to benefit health and wellbeing.

Aroma philosophy believes that harmony and relaxation are the keys to beauty of both body and mind.

If you live in Menorca or are here on holiday and would like to benefit from one of the quality massages that Aroma offers:

You can make an appointment 7 days a week / 9: 00h – 21: 00h / Service at your residence, hotel or vacation spot.

As always, the very best massages for your health and well-being.


Aroma uses:

The Pure oil line collection feelings of well being: vegetable oils Marnys of 100% natural, namely sweet almond oil for its great nourishing and moisturizing properties.

The Essential oil line collection pleased to pamper yourself with aromatherapy: Oils 100% pure and natural biochemically defined obtained by steam distillation or extrusion of the crust. Essential oils can be used individually or combined to create an aromatic combination according to the needs of each person.

The line of Pranarom organic essential oils: Essential oils chemotyped have such an affinity with the skin just seconds are sufficient for absorbing the dermal layer first and then dissolve in the peripheral microcirculation earlier than in the general circulation from where they exert their therapeutic action.


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